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Gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other appreciated securities are a strategic way to support Communities In Schools while securing tax benefits to maximize your support.

Appreciated securities held longer than a year may be eligible for a full fair-market charitable deduction; by donating these securities to Communities In Schools, you can avoid capital gains taxes that would be due if you sold them.

To Make a Gift of Appreciated Securities

Contact Eileen Street at (505) 954-1880 or to receive electronic transfer instructions.

We ask that you or your broker notify Communities In Schools of your intention to make a gift of appreciated securities to ensure proper and prompt acknowledgement of your support.  

When a brokerage firm initiates a stock transfer, we receive the identifying information of the firm but are not guaranteed identifying information about the donor. Providing us with these identifying details ahead of time—either from you the donor or relayed through your broker— will ensure our ability to appropriately credit your generosity.

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