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We LOVE our CIS Volunteers! Join Us!

Communities In School is actively recruiting new volunteers for tutoring positions! Our tutors primarily assist with English Language Arts, and math, but expertise in other subjects - especially at the middle and high school level--is welcome. While the minimum Santa Fe Public School (SFPS) requirement for tutors is one hour a week, many Communities In Schools tutors give two or more hours of their time each week. We are grateful for every minute ALL of our volunteers dedicate to our students and organization!

As the end of the first quarter approaches, now more than ever, it is apparent that our students need additional academic support. Our current team of volunteer tutors play a huge part in supporting students' learning and academic success. During the height of the pandemic, many of our dedicated volunteers stepped up to help out beyond tutoring.

SHOUT OUT to some of our SUPER HERO Volunteers!

Jules and Alan Natovitz (pictured left on his motorcycle) moved to Santa Fe just a few months before the pandemic hit. They joined the Communities In Schools COVID Food Distribution team in the Spring of 2020. At the peak of the distribution, Jules and Alan helped sort, bag and load almost 300 bags of groceries weekly into our Site Coordinators’ cars for delivery.

In addition to the Food Distribution, Alan and Jules became the point people for any special projects, such as School Supply and Hygiene Kit drives. On top of that, Jules found time to tutor elementary school students at Nina Otero Community School in reading. This year, Jules will continue to work with both elementary and AVID students.

Another volunteer who deserves some special praise is Sondra Everhart. Sondra joined our team in the fall of 2019. Sondra was also an integral part of our Food Distribution team. Sondra’s passion resides in teaching elementary students how to read. As a former semi-pro basketball player and overall sports fan, Sondra has a special knack for developing a rapport with students through “sports talk” before launching into her tutoring sessions.

“I am a strong supporter of Communities In Schools because their wrap-around services support children from elementary school through graduation. It is difficult for a volunteer to know if a student is hungry or anxious about not having a home. The Communities In Schools coordinators provide food, housing, clothing, school supplies and other critical support so we volunteers can concentrate on student’s building reading skills. When a person learns to read, the realms of imagination and experience open a new world.” This will be Sondra’s third year volunteering at Ramirez Thomas Elementary School.

Thank you to all our Communities In Schools volunteers.

It truly takes a village!

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