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The Fall Semester - Reflections

Heather Sellers

CIS Site Coordinator, Capital High School

This fall, Communities In Schools has really stepped up our support for students and their families. Site Coordinators have conducted daily phone calls to check in, delivered food every week to families that cannot attend food distribution programs, and maintained our tutoring groups and emotional support programs. Many kids wondered if our services would still be there for them this fall. Communities In Schools certainly demonstrated to our families that we are there for them - even during these challenging times. This has been a rewarding semester!

Andel Trujillo

CIS Site Coordinator, Salazar Elementary School

As we finish this semester, I reflect on the help CIS provided for so many families at Salazar Elementary School. Our school Wellness Team was especially concerned about a young student who has often needed assistance. In early October, this student, her two siblings and mother became homeless and my school asked CIS to assist them. Reaching out to different resources, CIS helped them find an apartment, and I was able to source furniture donations too. Now, Mom has a job working for a security company. As we start the holiday break I am grateful to know this family is safe with a roof over their heads.

Katrina Ortiz

CIS Site Coordinator, Nava Elementary School

Families have been so grateful for the emergency support CIS has provided for them. Our assistance helps take a little burden off of their stressful lives and allows them a little space to think about other things. This is reflected in my students. I can see they feel a little lighter, they can breathe a little deeper and know their family will have food. My heart goes out to these families who will struggle to celebrate the spirit of the holiday season.

The work of Communities In Schools is made possible by the support of generous donors. This giving season, please make YOUR gift to our Holiday Fund TODAY!

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