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Students Speak about Distance Learning

Communities In Schools Site Coordinators continue to stay in close contact with students and families ensuring essential needs are met and students are able to stay connected and engaged in distance learning school. Our staff asked some students to share their thoughts/experiences with remote learning.

Giovana - 7th Grade Student (Aspen) - Distance Learning is a "new habitat" for learning and I get to take classes and study in the comfort and safety of my own home. We all had to adapt and my teachers were super helpful. Stephanie, the Communities In Schools Site Coordinator at Aspen, facilitates the Natural Helpers program at my school, and I am trained to help support and reach out to classmates that might be having a difficult time right now. A lot of us are lonely and stressed so we help each other when we feel sad and depressed. The hard part is being in front of our computer for so many hours. We all get headaches and our eyes get tired. Also, the news of the virus mutations and hearing about all the deaths from COVID is very stressful for us. We are scared to go back to school, especially because many of us have grandparents that live with us. I would give our school a B+ for Distance Learning. It has has been okay, but it would be nice to have less time on the computer and more flexibility with assignments.

Anthony- Junior in High School (Capital) - Home is my lazy place and it is really easy to procrastinate when I am in the same place all day, every day. My family always interrupts me. However, it is nice to be around to encourage my little brother to do his classes - I know school is important. It is very stressful when the WiFi doesn't work because sometimes I can miss several classes and there is nothing I can do about it. Our Communities In Schools Site Coordinators at Capital High do a lot to help us - they even organize daily online meetings for guys at 1pm where we get to talk and hang out together. I will not try a hybrid schedule because my grandfather lives with us and we can't take the risk. I would give my school an A for Distance Learning. Teachers and students are working together better now than ever before.

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