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See Our Work in Action!

Communities In Schools continues to forge ahead supporting children and youth in our public schools. Our services are available to 6,000 students - more than half of the students in the Santa Fe public school district.

Don't miss this brief video (sponsored by the Santa Fe Community Foundation and produced by LittleGlobe) to see our team in action!

RIGHT NOW, is a CRITICAL time for our community’s young people. Our Site Coordinators are bolstering resources to help students recover from loss of learning after the pandemic kept students away from school for an unprecedented 20 months.

We are especially focused on high school students who have less time to recover from loss of learning and increased pressure to drop out of school due to the need to work to support their families. We're doing all we can to help these students stay in school and on track to graduate.

Your support truly makes a difference!

There is a lot of work to do, and Communities In Schools relies on the generous support from our community to continue to move forward.

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