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Math Success!

Salazar Elementary School Site Coordinator, Andel Trujillo, has known fourth grader Estela (not her real name) since she was in the first grade. They are definitely buddies and Estela knows she can turn to Andel for guidance and support whenever she needs it.

At the start of this school year, Estela was not doing well in math. In the first quarter she received a 63, and in the second quarter a 61. On discovering this, Andel reached out to invite Estela to join her online/virtual math tutoring sessions.

"Sometimes there are a few other students that log in for help, but Estela ALWAYS joins this tutoring session, and it has made a difference" commented Andel, "Estela and I were both so excited that after consistent tutoring she received a 90 in the third quarter!"

Currently, the fourth graders are studying decimals, place values, and how to convert decimals to fractions and Estela is continuing to attend Andel’s tutoring sessions.

With a smile on her face, Estela shared, "Math can be fun but sometimes it is hard!"

Congratulations, Estela!

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