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Loss of Learning Recovery Initiative - Please Support our Work!

Today is Giving Tuesday and YOUR support will help fund Communities In Schools' LOSS OF LEARNING RECOVERY INITIATIVE. Since the beginning of this school year when schools reopened and students returned to school after a year of remote learning, our team has been focused on the critical work necessary to support students with learning recovery and social emotional well being.

TODAY, your support will help our team implement more tutoring sessions, create academic incentive programs and provide support groups for students in need of social emotional support and counseling after an unprecedented 20 months of loss and hardship.

Students We Meet Every Day:

“As a Communities In Schools Site Coordinator at Capital High School, every day, I have students come into my office seeking help.” comments Adrian Sotelo. “Many need to learn English to succeed in school. Some are trying to just pass their classes as they struggle from missing instruction last year. And others are exhausted from working to support their families and considering dropping out.” “These are incredible opportunities for our Communities In Schools team to meet students where they are and support their needs to keep them in school and on their path to graduation. With additional resources, our Loss of Learning Recovery Initiative will offer more study sessions in the library, we'll order pizzas to make study sessions more inviting (and students won't go home hungry). We'll also grow our social emotional support programs and expand our academic incentive programs to meet the incredible needs we see in our school.” NOW more than ever, the pressure is on us to help these students get back on track with their academics and remain on their path to graduation. Thank you for your support.

Donate TODAY and DOUBLE your impact with a $10,000 match sponsored by a deeply caring, generous and concerned Communities In Schools donor.


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