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How I became a Communities In Schools Site Coordinator!

I grew up in Santa Fe and attended Sweeney Elementary, Ortiz Middle School and Capital High. I am the first in my family to graduate from college. Originally, I wanted to become a nurse to be able to give back to my community, but then I discovered Communities In Schools.

The children I work with today have the same challenges I experienced when I was young. I completely relate to the child that is looking for help on their homework and trying to navigate school on their own. When your parents can't speak English, and they didn't attend local schools when they were young, it is hard for them to help their kids with their academics.

As a Site Coordinator at Ramirez Thomas Elementary School, students have learned they can come to me with any questions because they know I understand what it is like to be in their shoes. If they are stuck doing their homework, I can help. If their parents don't understand certain things about our school, I can help. And if there are challenges at home or in school, I can be a listening ear. Finally, I hope I am a role model for them, too. They know I left home to go to college, and I tell them, they might want to do the same!

When I walk through the halls, kids run to me to say hello, and to ask if they can spend time with me. I know they see me as the adult that they can come to for anything. The little smiles and eager faces I see every day warm my heart. This is how I know I am giving back to my community.

Help students during this critical time.

Support Communities In Schools

Site Coordinators -

making a difference for youth everyday!


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