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Back INside Schools!

Site Coordinators are so happy to be back inside schools to connect directly with students! The first weeks were challenging as everyone had to adjust to being on campus while following the new COVID-safe protocols.

Yesi Bermejo, Site Coordinator at Nina Otero Community School comments, "It has been an adjustment to be back in a structured environment where there are specific times for snacks, bathroom breaks and down time. Students were easily overstimulated at first. Everyone has been so excited to be together again and we have to constantly remind kids about personal space - so many kids want to hug each other!"

Communities In Schools is honored to receive the

2021 Piñon Award for

Quite Inspiration

and grateful to be recognized alongside these

exemplary non-profits.

The Urgent Shoe & Clothing Fund

Thank you to our community for your incredible support!

One week into the new school year our Site Coordinators recognized that many students were in need of new shoes and clothes. On a Friday afternoon, Communities In Schools launched the Urgent Shoe & Clothing Fund with a goal to raise $10,000 for this need.

Thank you Santa Fe for your incredible response! In less than a week, this campaign exceeded our goal and allowed Communities In Schools to quickly respond with shoes and clothing for students in our schools.

Thank you!

Thank you to the following organizations for supporting

Communities In Schools of New Mexico.

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