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Reflections from Jordan

Reflections from Jordan:

"CIS has helped me a lot – there were a lot of people who didn’t believe in me – they didn’t think I would be able to graduate. One of them was my mom, but she didn’t mean it in that kind of way – she just thought school wasn’t for me." "I am really glad I was able to find out about Communities In Schools because they did a lot for me – especially Sinte. I was at a place where my grades were really bad – and he was able to help me get straight and focus. I got my grades up – they were always there for me – supporting me no matter what. I am grateful to them and everything they did for me."

Jordan graduated with the Class of 2020 and has been approached by several colleges with scholarship opportunities. He was also inaugurated into the Carson Honor Society. This distinction celebrates high school seniors served by Communities In Schools that have overcome obstacles and persevered to remain on a path to graduation.

Communities In Schools is so PROUD of your accomplishments!

The work of Communities In Schools of New Mexico is designed to create greater equity and access for all kids - from Pre-K through the 12th grade, ensuring students can stay in school, graduate and achieve in life. In Santa Fe, many CIS students don't have access to essential learning resources.

Help CIS do WHATEVER it takes to keep students engaged and on track for a successful school year!

Click Here: Donate TODAY to support CIS!

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