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More than 9,500 Reasons to Help!

"There has never been a time when we need even more Communities In Schools (CIS) support than now. The equity gap has dramatically increased and CIS is the one thing that levels the playing field for students who are really struggling. We know that a lot of families are in a far worse economic situation than they were this past year. Having Communities In Schools staff with us at Nina Otero is a life saver."

— Dr. Angelia Moore, Principal, Nina Otero Community School, July 2020

Did you know that approximately 9,500 students in our Santa Fe public schools qualify for free or reduced cost meals as a federal indicator of poverty? That means that more than 74% of Santa Fe's public school students are at risk of starting the new school year without access to the critical and essential needs that must be in place before they can begin to learn. As Dr. Moore notes, many CIS students face barriers that can prevent them from engaging and learning - barriers that will only grow as the new school year begins with remote learning. Since the onset of Covid-19, CIS has been working on the front lines to ensure that our most vulnerable students and families have been able to remain in their homes and receive essential resources and care. With the new school year, the CIS Team will continue to innovate and respond so our students stay healthy, connected and engaged.

Whether our student's need food and clothing, WiFi connections, technology support or notebooks, or other essential supplies - YOUR contribution will allow Communities In Schools to do WHATEVER it takes to ensure students have the resources they need to start the school year ready to engage and learn!

You can make a difference - donate TODAY and DOUBLE your impact with a $10,000 match generously sponsored by Enterprise Bank & Trust Foundation.

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