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Site Coordinators - the heart and soul of CIS

“Thank you Miss Alex (CIS Site Coordinator) for everything you are doing for my girls and my family. The support you bring to us and your incredible knowledge to help us - makes us feel better. God bless you and thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart.” Parent, Nina Otero Community School

Site Coordinators - the heart and soul of CIS!

Alex Mazares, CIS Site Coordinator at Nina Otero Community School

"I've been really concerned about all the families I work with at Nina Otero that were already living on the margins and have lost their jobs. They are under incredible pressure with no means to pay their bills, pay their rent, or feed their children. Being forced to isolate at home has made them feel even more helpless and anxious. Because I've been working with many of these families for some time they know me and trust me. I've been able to step in and get them the support they need quickly - like food, financial assistance to cover rent and bills and just letting them know I am here for them."

Angelica Suarez, CIS Site Coordinator at Sweeney Elementary

"I think a lot about the fifth grade boy I case manage at Sweeney Elementary School who lives with his grandmother. The student doesn’t know his father, his mother is incarcerated, and his grandma is already caring for an infant and a two year old. Grandmother is overwhelmed and struggling – I am helping her apply for food stamps. It is nearly impossible for her to get everyone into a car to get to the food distribution programs I have told her about. Thankfully, CIS has created a food DELIVERY program. Every Wednesday I make sure CIS delivers a food box that has fresh produce, frozen prepared meals, and non-perishable foods to help her get through the week."

Sinte Thomas Torrez, CIS Site Coordinator Capital High School

"Being a Site Coordinator at Capital High School, I am concerned for the health and well-being of our students. We all know teenagers are highly social, so this time of isolation is especially difficult on their mental health. High school students have so much to look forward to in the Spring – and now everyone is cooped up – no sports, no prom – and who knows about graduation. Graduation, their big Rite of Passage they have looked forward to all their lives, will not be celebrated in the way they have always dreamed. It helps that I can call these kids and talk with them. I am realistic but also optimistic – the world is not coming to an end!"

Rachel Clinger, CIS Site Coordinator at Ramirez Thomas Elementary School

"I check in often with the immigrant single mom who has two children in our school. I work with her son who is in second grade, and her kindergarten daughter. They have no family, and they sublet a room in a mobile home. Mom just lost her job in a restaurant that closed and doesn’t have anyone to go to for support. As their Site Coordinator, I helped her access the food distribution programs. The CIS Emergency Fund paid her rent – since she does not qualify for the current eviction freeze for the room she sublets."

Luis Burrola, CIS Site Coordinator at Ortiz Middle School

"At Ortiz Middle School, I work with many students to support academic and behavior challenges. I am finding that each student has their own way of experiencing the COVID crisis – and it is helpful to talk to them about their feelings. Some of my students have not signed in for classes yet and we are working together on getting them organized with a schedule and plan to start, while others are taking advantage of the distance learning platform and like it better than a full day of school! For each of my kids right now, I call them, email them, and keep encouraging them to engage! They know I am there for them and I think that is making a difference."

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