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Lunch Box Delivery!

Community Helping Community!

Communities In Schools (CIS) is profoundly grateful to our many donors, partners, volunteers and friends. Many of you have generously donated to CIS over the past few weeks, allowing us to support families and children during this scary and uncertain time. Thank you! Yesterday, CIS and Nusenda launched a meal delivery program for families who have limited access to food - those that can’t get to pickup sites. June Manning, Nusenda's Director of Community Engagement, delivered close to 200 meals prepared by Dion's and The Pantry Sol to CIS’s office where our staff received the meals and transported them to our families. (Pictured above clockwise: CIS Field Operations Director, Ivan Cornejo, loading boxes of meals for delivery; a text from a family that received meals; Juliette Maas, a CIS volunteer helping with the project; meals ready for delivery.) As CIS Site Coordinators dropped the food at front doors (maintaining social distancing practices at all times), many kids waved from their windows and some sent texts of thanks. Thanks to Nusenda’s support, CIS will be able to continue these lunch deliveries weekly as part of our ongoing efforts to meet the needs of students and families in our community during the COVID-19 outbreak. CIS staff are working remotely and our Site Coordinators are using a Family Strengths and Needs assessment tool to determine how folks are coping and what their needs are. We are in close contact with Santa Fe Public Schools and our community partners to ensure we get resources to those that need it most - while many things have changed, our commitment to doing whatever it takes has not! Your support means the world to us all. Please stay in touch. Thank you. Julia Bergen

Emergency Fund Update!

With the onset of the COVID-19 crisis CIS expects an increase in Emergency Fund requests. Whether it is a loss of income due to illness, or work-hour cutbacks, the fund is meant to give folks a helping hand to ensure their family remains stable.

Thank you Santa Fe for helping CIS raise more than $65,000 for our families!

Thank you to the local foundations who have provided emergency funds to assist CIS during these challenging times. We are most grateful for this support.

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