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URGENT! Unprecedented times.

URGENT! Unprecedented Times Call for Unprecedented Support!

As you know, New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham has called a state public health emergency. A part of her response has been to close all public schools from March 16th through at least April 6th. While this decision is the appropriate response for protecting children, families and communities from the threat of COVID-19, Communities In Schools (CIS) students and families will be without the daily care and support of CIS’s school-based Site Coordinators and the services they provide.

One critical aspect of CIS’s wrap-around support is our Emergency Fund. Since 2012, CIS has provided this safety net for students and families specifically designed to provide temporary financial support in times of unexpected need. The Emergency Fund has covered rent payments, utility bills, car repairs, hotel costs while permanent housing is located for homeless families, medical expenses, and basic needs for families. Applicants to the Emergency Fund fill out an application and provide documentation of their need. Whether it is a loss of income due to illness or work-hour cutbacks, the Emergency Fund gives folks a helping hand to ensure their family remains stable.

With the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, we expect to see an increase in Emergency Fund requests as families face additional loss of income due to business closures or illness.

We need our community to help support our community!

CIS’s experience in administering our Emergency Fund has allowed us to develop a streamlined process of responding to emergency financial needs in the most effective way possible - from screening requests to approval. Over the coming weeks, our Site Coordinators and staff will work closely with school principals and other community partners to identify needs and respond quickly and effectively.

Communities In Schools has a goal to raise $75,000, to enable us to provide Emergency Fund assistance for approximately 250 families in our community.

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