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Community Schools Act passed through the Senate - next stop, the Governor!

UPDATE HB 589 The Community Schools Act

HB 589 The Community Schools Act passed through the Senate this morning and will now go to the Governor to sign. The Bill updates the Community Schools Act that was first mandated in 2013. With a clear community schools framework now in place - guided by the Learning Policy Institute's definition of a community school - the NM Public Education Department can direct designated community school funding (through an RFP process) to those school districts/partner agencies that meet the evidence-based community school framework requirements. Much of this work is designed to remove basic need and social/emotional barriers to learning and ensure greater access to quality/equitable educational experiences that support the whole child/whole school/whole community. Communities In Schools of New Mexico (CIS) has been doing this work in Santa Fe since 2012. Today, we have full time school based site coordinators working in 11 Title 1 Santa Fe public schools where we work with over 6,000 students and their families, teachers, principals, and wellness teams while closely collaborating with many high quality Santa Fe social service/youth development agencies. Through mentorship and advocacy, CIS staff forge positive, lasting relationships with students and families activating student agency, learning and success. Thank you, Senator Mimi Stewart, Senator Peter Wirth, Representative Liz Thompson, Representative Christine Trujillo, Representative Bobby Gonzales, Representative Linda Trujillo, Governor Lujan Grisham and her dedicated staff, LT. Governor Howie Morales, Stephanie Kean, NM Children's Cabinet Director Mariana Padilla, NM Education Secretary Karen Trujillo, NM Deputy Education Secretaries Gwen Warniment, Tim Hand and Katarina Sandoval, Superintendent Veronica Garcia, Santa Fe Public Schools board and staff, CIS staff and CIS board and advisory board members - Carl Luff, Steve Gaber, Tim Mitchell, Rachel White, Bill Feinberg, Dion Silva, Joyce Idema, Barbara Gudwin, Edward Tabet-Cubero, Carmen Gonzales, Robert Apodaca, Nancy Wirth, Anne Bingaman and Jordan Vaughan Smith for advocating for CIS throughout the legislative session, Marc Saavedra, Danette Townsend, Deanna Cook, Brian Garcia, Dave Greenberg and Stephanie Ly for their wisdom, guidance and care and to the many engaged and thoughtful partners, individuals and advocates who helped get this Bill passed. THANK YOU!

CIS is excited to see our community school work expand to reach more New Mexico children, youth and families.

Thank you! Thank you!

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