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Thank You, Daniels Fund!

Strategic Partnerships Transform Students' Lives The Daniels Fund's commitment to the educational success of Santa Fe students is ensuring more at risk and vulnerable children and youth are able to stay in school and on a positive path to the future.

Thank you to Miguel In Suk Lovato, Program Officer with the Daniels Fund (pictured at left), and Charlotte Minn Harris, Daniels Fund VP for Grant Operations (pictured at far right), for spending time with CIS at Capital High School (CHS) last week along with CIS site coordinators Heather Sellers and Ivan Cornejo. CHS Principal Channell Wilson Segura joined our site visit along with several CHS school counselors, special education teachers and four CHS/CIS case managed students. The visit provided an in-depth perspective about how CIS staff become fully integrated in a school community and how their intensive case management support is keeping students in school and on a path to success. We are honored and grateful to the Daniels Fund for their generous financial support and commitment to our work ensuring Santa Fe students will succeed in school! Thank you!

"My family had no money for food and I was going to have to drop out of school to find a job to help feed them.When I discovered the twice-weekly fresh food distribution that CIS and Heather and Ivan were offering, I knew I would be able to help my family and stay in school. CIS kept me from dropping out." CIS Capital High student sharing his story during our site visit.

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