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Transforming LIVES EVERY DAY!

How BEHAVIOR shapes and informs lives~

A key CIS INDICATOR is behavior. Often, students are referred to our site coordinators due to a bad attitude, withdrawal or more severe social/emotional challenges. Negative attitudes and anti-social behavior can certainly have a destructive impact on a young person’s ability to engage with peers and in their learning. Before we can help a child resolve a problem, our site coordinators work to understand what is influencing their behavior.


CIS site coordinator, Stephanie Walthers, has been working with a little girl for two years and has watched her transform from a problem student into a helpful, mature young girl with true leadership skills. This child was referred to CIS because she was disruptive in class. She had no social filter for her words or the skills to work with others. She regularly called her classmates names like stupid and announced that she hated them and school as well. With parent consent, Stephanie began case managing the young girl and in time earned her trust while also gaining a deeper understanding about why she felt so uncomfortable with her peers. During frequent meetings, Stephanie guided her in developing the ability to understand and work with others and watched her blossom into the leader of her running team, a contender for student council, and a child who now wishes to help and be with others. Communities In Schools site coordinators know that changing students’ attitudes and outlooks can greatly increase their chances of succeeding in school and in their lives. Our staff strives everyday to redirect destructive behaviors that create barriers to a student’s happiness and educational achievement. Social and life skills development are central to CIS’s wrap-around services which aid and support children at risk and in danger of withdrawing from their learning experience and/or from school. WE DO WHATEVER IT TAKES!

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