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Academic Success at Nava Elementary

“What can I do with this student? She is not reading at all!” exclaimed a CIS academic tutor working with a struggling learner. “I feel like I can’t help her.”

In response to the tutor’s concern, CIS site coordinator at Nava Elementary, Rosario Roybal, implemented an individualized tutoring program for the student and convinced the dismayed volunteer to continue her efforts. During the following week’s tutoring session, Rosario could over hear the student sounding out two and three letter words, then actually reading a few. At the end of the session, she happily heard the student jump out of her chair and whoop: “ YAY! – I’m going learn how to read! I’m going learn how to read!” With the caring support of Rosario and the tutor, this particular student, like so many others who find themselves behind in their studies, has now discovered the joy of learning. CIS Site coordinators work every day with volunteer tutors to ensure students are supported and guided in their learning and success.

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