February 2, 2017

A child who comes to school hungry cannot concentrate and learn adequately. Countless studies have revealed the devastating impact hunger and poor nutrition have on a young person’s health and ability to succeed in school. Sadly hunger is a reality in Santa Fe; an asto...

January 16, 2017

Dr. King’s legacy informs and inspires our work, every day.
Our staff are dedicated to ensuring every young person with whom we work has the support, guidance and care needed to stay in school, receive a well-rounded education and remain on a positive life path....

January 12, 2017

As we begin the new year, we want to take this opportunity to thank you, our friends and supporters, for helping us meet our year-end fundraising goals! We are deeply grateful for your generous support which ensures we are able to provide the highest quality wrap aroun...

December 31, 2016

Now more than ever! Please support Communities In Schools of New Mexico and our work keeping thousands of Santa Fe children and youth in school and on a positive path.
Make a tax-deductible gift, today!

Pictured above is dedicated CIS Site Coordinator, Hilda...

December 17, 2016


Kind and caring members of our community stepped up to provide hundreds of new, cozy winter coats for our CIS students.
When a child is kept warmly clothed, like Perla, our CIS student pictured above, she stands a greater chance of st...

How BEHAVIOR shapes and informs lives~

A key CIS INDICATOR is behavior. Often, students are referred to our site coordinators due to a bad attitude, withdrawal or more severe social/emotional challenges. Negative attitudes and anti-social behavior can certainly have a d...

November 7, 2016

“What can I do with this student? She is not reading at all!” exclaimed a CIS academic tutor working with a struggling learner. “I feel like I can’t help her.”

In response to the  tutor’s concern, CIS site coordinator at Nava Elementary, Rosario Roybal, implemented...

February 23, 2016

When CIS Site Coordinator Ivan Cornejo learned that one of the new students at his school had a history of injuring herself, he knew he had to find her.

CIS is now in its third year at Capital High School located on Santa Fe’s southside. With two full-time site coordina...

Recent headlines sadly remind us that New Mexico remains one of the most socio-economically challenged states in the country, ranking 49th for child well-being and education. With approximately 73,000 families living in poverty and more students dropping out of school...

Why I Believe In CIS
by Jonathan E. Salazar

There are no bad students; only unrecognized learning obstacles.

I am a former CIS Site Coordinator. A school counselor once asked me to meet with a parent who was convinced that her son was addicted to drugs. When we met, the...

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